FOX & FAYE are passionate members of the SF kink and queer communities who love to perform, educate, empower, and inspire. As a dynamic nonbinary poly duo, they share a constant dedication to consent culture and disability awareness, carrying that into all of their classes and performances. They strive to enable ALL bodies and ALL identities to achieve their goals and desires.

Together, Bridger Fox and Davey Faye bring decades of experience to offer invigorating educational opportunities, stimulating art, and "a very rare and wonderful kind of charm" to the stage, the classroom, or wherever the work calls. FOX & FAYE love to travel the country (and the world!) to share their unique programs and perspectives, and eagerly seek out collaborative opportunities with other presenters and performers.

Bridger Fox

Bridger Fox has 32 years in martial arts, sport fighting, and self-defense. Served as Executive Director of Progressive Martial Arts of San Francisco, the school of social justice and self-defense from November 1999 to 2014. Background includes a very long list of instructors, lineages, and a variety of specialty certifications. Spent 5 years as Director of Youth Services at Community United Against Violence facilitating mediation and de-escalation. Recently completed their degree in Health Sciences with focus on Policy, specializing in anti-violence and social justice in the healthcare system.

Davey Faye

Davey is an ever-evolving nonbinary beastie who is passionate about primalism, sacred intent, mental health advocacy, disability awareness, bottom/switch empowerment, storytelling, and healing through kink. They are an enthusiastic rope artist, sensual savant, delightful dragon, and queer-tastic community creature with an infamous dedication to the pokey and potent practice of porcupine quills.


Alongside their life partner Fox, Davey runs multiple recurring educational programs including SPaRC and PACK NIGHT! and can has be frequently performing at events such as Twisted Windows, BENT, The Upper Floor, and Om-Nom-Nom Non-binary Burlesque

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